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Sick waiting for broadband

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Sick waiting for broadband

I have been waiting for BB and let down by consistent cancellations and excuses!  PlusNet ought to get its act together or employ more people.  The customer services is a joke!
Anyone else having similar problems?
My computer is my lifeline and I have been waiting over 3 weeks already.
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Re: Sick waiting for broadband

I'm in a similar boat. Followed the online upgrade procedure 4 weeks ago. When the engineer failed to turn up on the 30th last month I contacted PN to find my order was "stuck" in the system.
Since then they've been "trying" to cancel my original order so that they could reorder it and that seems to be "stuck" in the system.
Virtually no updates from PN as to what is going on....
The whole thing seems to be one bad joke Sad and with it been a Friday, I can almost guarantee by the end of the day my ticket will be on hold again until Monday.
Perish the thought PN staff would work through the weekend to resolve the issues.
The saddest part is this seems to be becoming the norm and a once award winning isp is heading down the toilet rapidly.!!!