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Shocking customer service

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Shocking customer service

I am trying to support 2 Bulgarians whose English is quite weak to get onto the Internet. Having registered with Plusnet the router duly arrived and I drove the 30 miles from where I live to try to get them set. up. Inevitably the simple set up did not work. After about 30 minutes of trying the other ways to connect I phoned customer service. Firstly I was told it could be because the opertaing system was linux, which even to me as a complete non techy seemed unlikely. I was then told that the broadband was not active, despite having had an e-mail to say that the phone line was active and the modem being delivered., I could not be given a time when it would be active only 'some time on Saturday' between 00.00 and 23.59 - not helpful when I was trying to set it up for them.
As it happened I received an e-mail to say it was active on the Friday some 11 days after placing the order. I went again on the Saturday and the same problem arose. After several phone calls, where this time I spoke to people who seemed to know something about it, I tried all manner of suggestions, including re-setting the router and alternative logins. All to no avail. The matter was then reported to the technical team who I was told would contact me within 48 hours and took a phone number. Inevitably this did not happen. Last Saturday - I placed a message on the account asking for some idea how long this would take and what progress was being made. No response.
In the mean time - I received an e-mail with a number to enable them to log onthrough dial up. Simply put inn the login and away you go!. So today I travel up yet again to try to find out what is happening and at least put them on dial up. It was apparent that it was not simple - so yet another call to the help desk. Have you a modem I am asked. No. No mention of a modem in the e-mail. How are we expected to know these things? Why should I have to go and buy a modem when the service I am paying for is not being delivered. If this is to be a temporary solution and a modem is required, why has one not been provided?
I ask for an update and one is not fortrhcoming as I need to speak to the technical team - but I am not allowed to be put through. I leave my phone number and ask if someone can ring me to talk to me. Nothing. So - where are we now? How can I possibly find out what the problem is? Given that the politicians are keen for more people to have broadband - how on earth would the elderly who are not confident or as in this case non-English speakers manage. I am still waiting for a response.
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Re: Shocking customer service

Hi boyka,
I'm sorry to hear of the problems you have getting set up. I have spoke to one of our faults team and will get them to look at it for you and update you about what's going on.
Jojo Smiley