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Sending cashback by cheque?

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Sending cashback by cheque?

It's 2020, and even if daily life in the UK was normal, sending people cashback in the form of a cheque through the post would be a ridiculous thing to do.

But when the banks are closed, it's just stupid.

I can pay it in at a cash machine, though I'm not looking forward to sharing any of my/their nasty diseases with the next/last person.

But what about people who don't have that option?

You need to do better with this stuff.

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Re: Sending cashback by cheque?

Though I don’t disagree with the sentiments, cheques can be paid in at the Post Office for most high street banks.
Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC, Yorkshire, HalifaxBOS, Clydesdale also allow cheques to be scanned with their mobile apps.
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Re: Sending cashback by cheque?

I can deposit a cheque without leaving the house 😎

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Re: Sending cashback by cheque?

I agree. At this point I'd expect them to send it like direct debit.
Am STILL waiting for my cashback for mobile, have not received any email or post last year even when I called many times.
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Re: Sending cashback by cheque?


Thanks for reaching out to us here. 

I'm sorry you've had some trouble with redeeming your cashback for your mobile sign up, so we can take a look into this please PM with the following details: 


- Your full name and confirmation you are the account holder

- Your full address with postcode

- Your Plusnet mobile number 


Once you've sent across that PM please drop us a message on this thread and we can get that picked up. 


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Re: Sending cashback by cheque?

I have sent you my details 


It'd be helpful to get that processed before/ if I renew my contract.