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Save money by recommending

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Save money by recommending

I've just had an email from Plus Net entreating me to save money by recommending Plusnet. Sorry guys but your recent performance on excessive delays to responding to queries and answering phone broke our trust in you. The build up of delays reportedly due to the Leeds Call Centre, ineffective influence on BT Openreach, dodgy response statistics and a cranky accounting system means we'll not be recommending you for a while. Your advertising campaign does not appear to reflect the reality.
What needs to happen is for your CEO to publicly  demonstrate to us customers, and not just the overlords in BT, that he has our interests at heart and will fix the support issues. This is essentially a management issue because I know the individual call centre personnel who face the public try their very best to help.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Save money by recommending

Hi AlaricAdair,
I realise this has been said a lot, but it's the only way we can open a reply to such a post - sorry. I know you're aware of what's being done to fix this (new call centre, new billing system being readied for use, still recruiting etc) and understand where you're coming from nontheless. I've fed this back, obviously can't make any promises but fingers crossed.