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Sales calls that were then disowned

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Sales calls that were then disowned

After many years excellent service from Plusnet I'm afraid you've failed badly this time.

My mother-in-law came off the end of a 2 year contract last month for her broadband. The price went up from £6.49 pm to £19.99. So, being named on the account I rang to enquire if that was the best you could do, only to be told it was. We then started the process of setting her up with mobile broadband instead, £8pm with Three (plus PN email retention as they've been using it since dial-up). However with all arrangements in place, the day before we cancelled Plusnet (do you employ mind readers?) my mother-in-law received a sales call from Plusnet. Was she satisfied with the service and price? "No, it's just gone up £6.50 - £20 and I'm leaving", well, said the lady, I'll see what I can do and a moment or two later offered £12.49. That sounds good said mother-in-law but I'll have to check with my daughter and her husband as they are setting up something else and might have already done so. That's ok said the lady I can ring back on Monday. So after a call to us when we said excellent you can stay with Plusnet, we'll extract ourselves from the setting up we've done. We await the Monday phone call.

Monday (today) the caller from Plusnet says it would be £16.99 not £12.49, so this evening we got a confused phone call from mother-in-law. Having rung up myself, I'm told that in fact both £12.49 and £16.99 are mistakes and it should be £19.99. Needless to say she is ringing in the morning to cancel.

If this is how Plusnet treat a 70 year old customer-for-many-years then I think I need to start checking around for my internet access too. It's years since I checked our pricing because Plusnet had been so good at customer service & support, clearly no longer.

Yes I know it is a market 1 exchange but with 3G and terrestrial radio broadband competing that is a poor excuse for such a high mark-up on BT wholesale costs. They only use 2GB a month.


Two very disappointed customers.

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Re: Sales calls that were then disowned

At least your promised offer lasted longer than mine.

My offer given and accepted on the phone only lasted a couple of minutes before they changed their mind.


Someone has to pay for the free broadband and £50 cashback for the new sign ups plus all those endless unfunny ads.



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Re: Sales calls that were then disowned

Exactly the same with me they gave me an offer  then a few days later denied it when I asked for them to listen to recording of my phone call they could not find it but my call was logged in.  Strange that

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Re: Sales calls that were then disowned

@sandwithbells Apologies for the delayed response to this thread. Would you mind PMing me your mother-in-laws username so I can look in to what happened there.



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