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Refund woes

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Refund woes

I cancelled Plusnet as from Aug. 3rd. 2018 as we were moving to another area. I paid a final £8 as asked. By 12.15 that day my telephone had been cut off so I know it was cancelled.  Then I had a debit on my bank statement in September. I queried this with Plusnet who said it was a mistake and they would do a refund. Never had this!!  I then cancelled the DD with my bank. Since then  I have had numerous emails & texts telling me to pay  the October bill. I have spent hours - yes, hours on the 'phone & chatline and was promised a refund but where is it? Now they tell me my services are restricted. What services? I am cut off!.  Plusnet.??? Don't go there. Fine all the time you are with them, but when you leave - it us hell trying to get your money back which us rightly due to you.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: After 10 years with Plusnet I am leaving ASAP - the company has become a nightmare.

@Wurzel32 I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you've had.

Unfortunately I'm unable to find your account details.

If you can drop me a PM with your username I can get this chased up for you

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Re: Refund woes


In the first instance you should contact your bank and get the incorrect direct debit reversed as a Direct debit liability claim. It will be quicker than waiting for Plusnet to refund you.

You will continue to get ongoing automated mails with escalating bills for non-payment of your non-existant bill until the P/N billing team get around to actioning the cancellation..


The helpful PN CS staff on this forum will raise and escalate tickets on your behalf , however my understanding is that  its only the Billing team that can action refunds etc.


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Re: Refund woes

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Re: Refund woes

@Mads  I think your reply to @mjones07 should be in a different thread.Smiley