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Re: poor customer service

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Re: poor customer service

"We'll do you proud" - not so much!


I was just on to retentions as my contract is about to run out.  As I would expect everyone to do, I was looking for a bargain.

As I have been a loyal paying customer for ONLY a year, receiving 2mbps download I requested a fibre upgrade.  I was chewing the far over the face that new customers can get the same package as I was offered for £5 less. Not so fair I think.  I mentioned this to the retentions rep to be disgusted by his reply of "Yeh,SO?"

What kind of service is this?  What an absolute disgrace.  Doing me proud? Definitely not.

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Re: poor customer service

Moderator's note by Dick (Strat): Post moved to a new thread for clarity .

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Re: poor customer service

It's kind of surprising that a new thread, and thus a new opportunity at advertising poor customer service, has been made for something which relates to the overall "poor customer service" topic. Ahwell, digging own grave and such, nothing like a bit of extra marketing for these kind of things Smiley


anyway, i found moving to NOW TV solved my problems, they might still have the same offer on as i got, £20 a month for 38Mbps plus a one off £9.99 setup fee, 12 month contract.

I used to be on around 17-19Mbps, but then i moved house and it dropped to 11Mbps (not PN fault, that's just what i get around here), i wasn't too concerned about it but for an extra £2 a month to get 3 times the speed and get away from the bad customer service i thought it was rather a good deal. Never been on fibre before, it does the job for me anyway.

Good luck

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Re: poor customer service

Hi @pylongal


I do apologise that the contract deal you were offered was more than you were hoping, and I am extremely sorry for the way the advisor responded to you regarding your concerns.


The offers available from our Customer Options Team can vary on a regular basis and on many occasions these are similar if not better than the new customer offers available.


I do understand your frustration and if you would like us to see if there is any other deals available for you we can arrange for someone to call you if you would like?



- Warwick