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Re: Whatever happened to customer service??????????

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Re: Whatever happened to customer service??????????

Totally agree. started with Plusnet in 2009. As we live in a remote rural area we've had plenty of line and broadband problems, and up til recently I've found their customer service prompt, informative, efficient etc. Two weeks ago (13th Sept 2016) our phone line simply ceased working - no dial tone, nowt. Net was off too. Phoned Plusnet, 30 minute wait! Of course, fixing the line is down to BT. I've been told the fault might be at the exchange, caused by foliage at the top of our nearest pole, but the latest is that BT have applied to the local council to dig up the road. Now explain this: broadband has come back (tho only 1Mbs), but no phone line. Everyone else in our road is fine. Why has over 2 weeks elapsed and we still have no phone line? After another half-hour wait I spoke to customer service today and was promised an update. Later on, [CSA Removed] of 'DSL Faults' posted this helpful message: (INTERNAL) Yes, that's all. WTH does that mean?Increasingly disgusted with Plusnet and (inevitably) BT's engineers.

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Re: Whatever happened to customer service??????????

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Re: Whatever happened to customer service??????????

I'm sorry for the problems you've experienced. I've checked the status of the fault and the latest update is that Openreach are needing traffic management in order to complete the fix for this. We're expecting an update tomorrow and should have more information after this.

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