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Re: Moving House

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Re: Moving House

Hi, my name is Ignacio Crespo. I have had a horrific story with PLUSNET in the las few weeks. I moved house the 1st of April and I contacted PLUSNET to ask them to transfer the service to my new address. First it was booked by the 12th of April but that day nobody came to the property neither made a phone call to let me know what was going on. I spoked to probably all the agents at the call centre to find out what has happened and nobody new anything at all!! I booked again for the 15th of April and then again nobody turned up or let me know why they didn't. I spoked to one of the agents again and this person told me that it had been cancelled it for no reason, then I was told that the engineer came to the property but nobody was inn; such a lie!! because I was there myself. I am self-Employer and it costs me money! to be waiting there for nothing. Then it was booked again for Monday the 18th of April and guess! of course nobody turned up! On Friday the 19th we talk to another agent and it was booked by Thursday the 20th and eventually the engineer turned up!! It took 22 days to get it done!! I asked the bank to stop payments until the matter gets sorted out. PLUSNET billed for the 22 and because they www not able to charged it they cut-off the service strait away! I paid that very day and the service, of course was restored. I am Self-Employer and wasted a huge amount of time just waiting for their inefficiency to be done! so I  was not able to do my job for a while thanks to PLUSNET. It is absolutely appalling!!!

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Re: Moving House

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