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REALLY weird problem - some sort of IP/router issue on Plusnet??

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Registered: ‎05-01-2018

REALLY weird problem - some sort of IP/router issue on Plusnet??

I have a really weird problem with Plusnet broadband, related to accessing the website via WIFI to a mobile phone. Everything else about my Plusnet service is perfect and has been for years.

On my desktop PC via WIFI and Plusnet - absolutely no problem reaching the BBC website.

On my mobile phone via WIFI and Plusnet - always just a message "This page isn't working, didn't send any data ERR_EMPTY_REPONSE"

Now it gets weirder...

If I use the same mobile phone on a different broadband provider via WIFI - it reaches the BBC website OK.

(I've even tried it from foreign countries hotel WIFIs - always perfectly fine mobile phone access to the BBC)

If I use the mobile phone via my 4G Vodaphone connection it reaches the BBC website OK.

It appears ONLY to be a problem with this mobile phone and Plusnet broadband and the BBC website.

Every other website seems to work absolutely fine on the phone using Plusnet WIFI.

I've tried rebooting, cache clearing, different browsers - this problem has been with me for months.

OK, it's only my mobile, only on WIFI, only on Plusnet, and only with the BBC website. So it isn't killing me.

But it is so frustrating not being able to understand why this is happening.

Is there a tech wizard out there who can explain this?Huh

Cheers Bill

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