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Put on wrong package/Overcharged & lied to - Well done Plusnet

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Put on wrong package/Overcharged & lied to - Well done Plusnet

Right, seeing as your "Support team" seems not to want to answer or help in any way shape or form, I see this as the only other option so far.


So, I joined Plusnet a good few years ago, 76Mb package and all was well. Until 1 year ago, upon changing the house phone to Sky, our speeds suddenly dropped from around the 70 mbps mark to around 35.. Maybe 40. Obviously, seeing that we decide to contact Plusnet and see what is going on.


After multiple line checks and offers for an engineer to look at it (We refuse the engineer coming out etc. as we know for sure the physical line is having no issues) we end up with one of the support team stating that it's basically Sky who are at fault for us not being able to get the speeds we paid for, our package was also changed during these multiple calls and messages to a lower 38-40 mb package, which differed from the prices advertised on the site, convieniently more expensive. Upon also questioning this, we were told we had to be put on some sort of different package that wasn't a normal one (Not sure why that was and no clear explanation was given) and that the 76 mb package wasn't available to us. Even though we had it in the past, the line is using all of the same rented BT hardware etc. Nothing had really changed physically so... Who knows why really.


Anyway, we get to a few days ago, where we decide we will drop Sky's services and possibly change to Plusnet for both Phone and Broadband, 40 mins on the phone for a woman to tell me the team who deals with what I needed to do is closed (Fair enough, I did ring late). Next day, another total of 45 mins wait or so, we end up being forwarded to some other woman, we explain our issue and whether or not we can get the 76mb package again if we switch the phone line over. The woman keeps going on and on about there never being a 76mb package available when we were set down to this 38-40 mb package (Which we know is a complete lie, as at the time I was on the main site looking at the packages) After 5-10 mins of telling her that what she said is untrue and her saying to us that we are incorrect, because she started 3 years ago and would know (Not sure what importance that was, as our package issue was 1 year ago). We end up saying "This is getting us nowhere, where..." Oh, the phone seems to have gone dead.


Now, I don't know what training procedures these people on the phones do, but I would believe that it may be hinted to be patient, listen to the customers whole story, don't essentially call the customer a liar and if they are being calm and trying to co-operate, don't hang up on them. And if I remember correctly, in the past I have also been hung up on by one of the people on the phone to. Great customer service, Well done!


So, if anyone can provide me with an actual direct way of contacting the CEO, as I know the email for the CEO doesn't actually get you in contact with him, It would be appreciated. If anyone in power can PM/Email me it even. Or even forward this to him.


As anyone who views this may see, Plusnet are pretty good, providing you have no changes or issue to anything. As soon as you run into an issue or have a question. Plusnet are completely clueless and will go to any length to provide you with some false answer so you stop contacting them. Your issue will likely still not be solved though.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Put on wrong package/Overcharged & lied to - Well done Plusnet

Really sorry for the poor experience.

My colleague has tried calling you this morning but couldn't get a response. He's in the process of firing a response to your email shortly.


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