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Put a candle in the window

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Put a candle in the window

After 17 years with Free-online / Plus net I have decided to move on, I would like to thank the staff on the forum who have helped me over the years but unfortunately none of them are here anymore  Roll eyes, thanks to the forum members too who have given me a lot of good, helpful  advice, and the ones who have given me a few good arguments.
Unlike the others who are moving on for better service, I am moving on mainly to save money, plus I never was happy with the speed I am getting at PlusNet and I would never know if I could get higher if I stay here for another 17 years.
My apologies to the forum moderators for the couple of times I have vented my frustration at them, and a special thanks to Strat who unbanned me so I could type this.  Cool
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Community Gaffer
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Re: Put a candle in the window

Hi JamesM,
I definitely remember your username, I'm sure we've had some discussions in the past. Sorry to see you go, but the door is always open should the grass not be greener.
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