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Provisions Department hung up on me

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Provisions Department hung up on me

Only just three weeks ago signed up for fibre broadband.


Was given a date of 17 August for line to be taken over and current provider notified me of that date


17 August came and went - nothing happened. Tried and tried to get through to CS with no luck.


Finally on 21 August got through by going to "I want to leave" option and evemtually got through to provisions dept and found out there was a "problem" with the original order - has plusnet contacted me about the order - NO.

Went through the process again with provisions dept and was told I would have a appointment by Monday 24 August.

Again nothing.

Found my way through to provisions department this evening. The problem is current provider has a hold on the line as date to plusnet to take over is in the past. Yes its in the past because that is the date you gave to current provider to take over number.

When I asked to cancel the order Provisions Department chap hung up.

Really impressed by Plusnet and had enough of their treatment of a new customer.

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Re: Provisions Department hung up on me


I agree that from posts on this forum one can only conclude that Plusnet's customer service is currently absolutely terrible and not fit for purpose.

Having said this, as this was a transfer between BT Retail to BT owned Plusnet, to be carries out by BT Openreach, the screw up should not be assumed to be the fault of Plusnet. Notwithstanding their customer service failings of course!

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