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Pro vs new Extra+Pro

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Pro vs new Extra+Pro

Hello everyone!
A new arrival here and impressed with Plusnet so far. A big thanks to Martha B in customer services - you're a star.
I joined with a Pro account, just days before it was withdrawn (this from a guy who bought a rather expensive Scottish turntable on the dawn of CD).
Anyway, I'm paying £16.49 for Pro - which looks identical to the new Extra+Pro package apart from Extra+Pro gives you 60GB rather than 20GB for the same price...
I've asked customer services to change my account and it's all in hand.
My point is if you're an existing Pro customer then go chase that "free upgrade".
How about Plusnet moving existing Pro customers to Extra+Pro and save us the bother? It would be another example of Plusnet's excellent customer focus... Smiley
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Re: Pro vs new Extra+Pro

As this is drifting into a discussion about switching to the new product I have locked this thread and moved the last two posts into,95259.0.html