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Potential unfair contract terms

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Potential unfair contract terms

I like most on here have now received the 'Important information about your Plusnet service' email. I am presently contracted with you until 27 October for my broadband (£2.49 per month) and line rental (although this was paid for with the line rental saver.
Your email allows us to choose to cancel our telephone service and move this elsewhere with no early termination charges however, if we choose to keep our broadband service with you I will be charged extra and if I decide to move my broadband service away from you I will be charged an early termination charge.
Therefore, it can only be surmised that by not allowing your customers to cancel both without no early termination charges you are imposing an unfair term onto your customers.
Is it worth holding customers to ransom, or are you asking your customers to test this through the court system?
P.S. I'll be in touch with your CS team shortly to discuss this subject in detail.
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Re: Potential unfair contract terms

You can cancel both FOC, but you will NOT get a refund on the LRS, see my thread on that.