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Positive feedback

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Positive feedback

A neighbour who is with Plusnet for both phone and broadband asked me for help.

I investigated and found no dial tone and broadband which is normally about 12M was 0.5M.

The phone fault checker came up with an error and said to call Plusnet

After a few minutes wait for the phone to be answered it was reported to Plusnet as a phone fault on Monday 2 Jan, a Bank Holiday. An engineer was booked for the next day between 08:00 and 13:00.

The engineer turned up at about 09:00 the next day and spent a few minutes investigating. After spending some time up the nearest pole he was able to get a dial tone.

The broadband was still at 0.5M due to DLM, I managed to get through using online chat and despite getting cut off mid conversation due to the very poor speed managed to request a DLM reset. A few minutes later this was actioned and the line speed was restored to 16M!!

Many thanks to both Plusnet and OR for the speedy resolution, it took approx 24hrs from the fault being reported to the resolution of the problem.



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Re: Positive feedback

Thanks for the good feedback @brueton 


It's always nice to hear about positive experiences! Grin I'm happy that your fault was swiftly fixed.

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