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Poor experience - mobiles

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Poor experience - mobiles

Hi all,

Wanted to share a poor experience in the hope PN can take this on-board and do something to fix it.


I have multiple mobile sims with PN - this is something PN really should address soon as other providers allow multiple SIMS/numbers associated with the one account and one billing. Current setup requires multiple separate accounts and separate DDs.

Recently added another sim for one of my kids.  Unfortunately, my bank cancelled the DD as I had took 2 accounts out at the same time, they though one was a duplicate.  Called PN to sort and as the new acc was setup in my kids name, once I told them this, they insisted that the account would have to be cancelled as my kid was under 18.  I asked to have the account changed over to my name and was told PN cannot change the account name and that I would have to cancel the account and that a PAC code would be issued.  I then asked if they could go ahead and cancel the kids account, setup a new account and transfer the number to the new account for me.  This is the part that really annoys me - I was told that PN cannot transfer a number from one PN account to another PN account and that I would need to port my number to another network to then port it back to PN.  This is unacceptable!  If I have to port to another network, I will stay with the other network!  I then asked the agent to pass me over to the supervisor.  After going off to check, the agent came back to me and said the supervisor would just tell me the same thing. 


Summary: PN - please sort out the following -

1. family accounts to allow multiple SIMs to be associated with the one account/one billing/one DD.

2. Account transfers to another PN acc,


I could live with the first one, although its annoying not being able to do it.  The 2nd one is a show stopper.  I called to fix 1 issue and instead will now be moving all 4 accounts elsewhere, along with my broadband when its up later year too.

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Re: Poor experience - mobiles



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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Poor experience - mobiles

Hi B25, thanks for the feedback on this and I'm sorry for the poor experience this has added up to for you. 


Please get back in touch if there's any issues moving things across and I hope everything goes OK with your new provider.

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