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Poor Support

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Poor Support

On 28th December my broadband went down, and it took 15 days before a BT engineer came out and diagnosed a fault with the ADSL equipment on my line at the exchange.
Here is the saga at the time
I have completed the question feedback, but I don't have any confidence that ahuman would read it or take any notice, so I reproduce most of it here.
In particular, there seemed to be no progress at al until I started a new topic on this forum (thanks Chris). This shouldn't be necessary.
Here are my main thoughts:
1. Support staff did not seem to read, understand, or act on my questions. I got automated responses saying "please provide more information or further updates on the occurance of your fault." I asked what further information was wanted, but got no reply.
2. Apparently Plusnet could see statistics that my router was connecting for only a few seconds at a time, and not very often at that. Although this classifies the fault as "intermittent", it should have flagged it up as serious as the connection was unusable, and in particular, that interleaving would be irrelevant.
3. If I hadn't used the forum, I think I would have had to wait even longer for a response. This is wrong.
4. When broadband is down sending the EU messages only by email is inappropriate. I never received any phone call, in spite of requests to be contacted this way, and the first SMS I received was 10 days after the fault started.
5. The fault seemed to be passed back and forth between Plusnet ant BT without anybody from Plusnet taking responsibility for progressing it.
6. Considering that many people accessing the forums or Help Assistant will be suffering from low speeds or even using dialup, the pages are extremely slow to load - much slower than 90% of the other webpages that I accessed during this time.
7. On a positive note, the 0808 free dialup line for the duration of the fault was very useful. Does anyone know if other ISPs provide a similar service?
8. Overall, I am considering looking for an ISP with better support due to this poor experience.
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Re: Poor Support

Hi there,
Firstly I'd like to apologise for the poor support you've experienced.
Regarding the feedback survey, all comments are read, and improvements identified to prevent the same things happening again.
Onto your points:
1. The automated actions on tickets are to speed up resolution (for instance if we raised an intermittent fault to BT they would apply interleaving, so we do this before raising to either fix the problem or save time once BT start investigating). That said, I think it's worth looking to make automated comments easily distinguished from agent ones.
2. Your observations are correct, but as I said certain faults are dealt with in a specific way (intermittent ones included), so this is a necessary step in the process.
3. I agree. We do have some backlogs on faults at the moment, for various reasons, but we're working to bring this back to normal levels soon.
4. If you elected to receive text messages you should have received one for every time an agent replied to your ticket. I'm sorry that we didn't do this, and will reiterate to the agents concerned.
5. From what I can see Chris took ownership of the fault from when it was raised to BT?
6. This is something we're looking to improve.
7. Glad to hear it. Smiley I'm not aware of other ISP's who do this, but there may be one or two.
8. I'm sorry that your experience wasn't good, but I can assure you this is not the norm. I hope it won't come to you looking elsewhere.