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Plusnet webmail

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Plusnet webmail

At the moment when I want to save the text of an email to a file on my computer I use copy/paste (I am using the Chrome browser with Raspbian, or Firefox with Manjaro-ARM). What I would like is a control icon in the webmail page which would open the standard save-as dialogue box, with an option to save the email's text together with whichever headers I have configured also to be saved.


Alternatively, and perhaps ultimately less work to set up, it would be good if the user could configure an application (on the user's machine) to which a selected raw email could be sent, perhaps as an option in the redirect control of the webmail page. Perhaps this facility already exists, and I do not yet know how to exploit it; in that case please excuse the noise. I should explain that for 30 years I have been using email using a cascade of software (fetcher -> mail-client -> text-editor -> database) on a minority OS, that has given me a great deal of control over every phase. Now I am trying to adjust to modern times by using webmail.

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Re: Plusnet webmail

Hi @GavinW,

It may be worth setting up your mailbox on a mail client, as I believe these programs usually have the ability to do this both for individual emails and to backup a bunch of emails under a single file. That being said I personally use gmail and so I'm not too familiar with what program would be the best for this - perhaps other members of the forum can give some advice on that front Smiley

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