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Plusnet use of Ombudsman Service

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Plusnet use of Ombudsman Service

Plusnet are using an Ombudsman Service for an any complaint 'catch all' to respond to unrelated issues and to cut off communications with the customer.

During several weeks of stressful fraught delays (including the worry about a question response that Plusnet would be changing the customer's telephone number) Plusnet offered compensation.

The history is that Provisioning insisted it was the customer who needed to provide a line identification number. Plusnet Provisioning eventually after many phone calls and insisting it was the customers problem discovered that they had failed to read their emails which gave them the required line identification information for the transfer of service. They said because it was their fault there would be compensation.

At the time of the actual transfer the phone line did not work. It was checked and found there was a fault which was corrected.

Following the successful transfer to Plusnet I requested the offered compensation for the difficulty and stress experience with the transfer.

Customer Service responded with a £1 free one month service compensation and one month free telephone addon service charge.

The offer was rejected and a request was made to Customer Service to clarify the one month offer calculation used as the basis for compensation. Plusnet responded by increasing the compensation offer to £3 for three months with the addition of three months free optional phone addon. This total amount would then equate to the equivalent of one full month's service (including line rental). However, Plusnet Customer Service insisted on calling the offer a 3 free months service.

It is not the amount of compensation which was then questioned but the method of the calculation and naming the amount of compensation.

During discussions with Plusnet regarding compensation it was noted that OFCOM will be requiring automatic compensation for delayed service at £5 day, An approximate calculation for an amount due on this basis was submitted to Plusnet.

The result was the response from Plusnet to cut off any further communication by referring the matter to the Ombudsman.

A phone call was made to request information on how much it would cost to leave Plusnet. During this conversation the Customer Service representative indicated that there was an amount owing from the upfront one month service charge due to delayed billing and that this amount had been included in the offer of compensation.

Following this phone conversation during which there was a discussion about the service being provided the Customer Service representative subsequently opened a Plusnet online question where comments were made about this question and about the customer.

The situation now is that Plusnet refuse to communicate about the information commented about this conversation/question by adding it to the compensation referral made to the Ombudsman.

I am extremely disappointed with what used to be a very friendly customer service team to what now seems to be an AI Artificial intelligence Assisted Customer Service which brokers issues with customers with a lack of care about the appropriate responses.

Has anyone else experienced these frustrations with Plusnet customer service and have they used the mandated no other option Ombudsman Service?

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Re: Plusnet use of Ombudsman Service

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