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Plusnet's Product Offering

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Plusnet's Product Offering

PlusNet is a business, and businesses need customers every bit as much as customers need suppliers. In a high street of 8 Cafe's all selling coffee, why are some busy and some far less so? Product, Price, location, and experience are the key elements of the formula, availability is also vital.

PlusNet seems to have plunged headlong into the market that seeks volume, it is price and offer driven, and is a very crowded marketplace indeed. In terms of the Café analogy it's the square of Coffee shops with chairs and tables outside. Not the place if you want the best and a quiet life perhaps?

I'm on a legacy 40/20 service no longer available to new customers. I'm told that this is an 80/20 service with a 40Mbps restriction applied by PlusNet who actually pay BTW for an 80/20 service. Originally I was on an 80/20 service for several months but PlusNet downgraded me when speeds fell and they could not achieve 40mbps down. It reduced my cost £3 month because now I pay for McAfee which is free on the Extra service.

I would choose to return to Extra as connected speed is now 49mbps, but in so doing, IF speed drops again I would no longer have 40/20, I would have 40/2 The 40/2 is not a serious offering for those like myself who back up and upload digital artwork and files.

If the only 20mbps UP service is 80/20 or my legacy 40/20 I'm probably better off saving the £3 month but it rankles. I'd suggest looking at your product offering to see that the range is suitable for the various customers that you supply. BT is indicating 50/10 shortly at low prices I'm told, what will you counter that with?




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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Plusnet's Product Offering

Hi Dan

Appreciate your point, I know it's one that has been made before.

It's something that I'll feed back into our commercial team but at the moment there's no plans to offer any other products at the moment.

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