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Plusnet mobile final bill - hard to understand

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Plusnet mobile final bill - hard to understand

Just received what I hope is my final mobile bill.  Understanding it is really hard work due to:


1.  The email saying you will be taking a payment for my usual amount when the PDF bill is actually for a refund - surely it's not that hard to make the covering email and PDF amount agree.

2.  The PDF bill gives me a refund for my last months line rental, and then re-charges me a pro-rata amount to cover up until the date that I PAC'd away - this is correct I think.  However deciphering this took far longer than it should as there is no explanation for what periods the refund or recharge is for. 

3.  Finally it says "We’ll collect the amount due by Direct Debit' - as this is a refund why don't you just change the text to say 'We'll refund the amount by Direct Debit on'.


Overall, this all gives a really poor impression - it feels very much like nobody has actually looked at what a customer receives for a final bill, as it's not really acceptable.  Hopefully you will be able to spend the CPI + 3.9% increases (of which there are two in the next year scheduled) on improving this for future customers.