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Plusnet customer service - Really?

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Plusnet customer service - Really?

I've been with Plusnet  for around 10 years and was always impressed by the technical help and customer service departments. However, in the last couple of years since they've been advertising on the TV it's gradually got worse to the point of I'm now leaving.
I've been calling the the technical help desk on and off for months because of intermittent drop off's with my internet connection that have been getting more frequent and longer. In my conversations, the various technicians have come up with various reasons such as a faulty line, faulty router or even there's not a fault at all, it's what's to be expected!
For the last week, I haven't been able to make a phone call from my landline because of the crackling and can only get on the internet for around 30 seconds before losing connection.
Being a complete idiot, I'd already bought a new router last month (on one technicians advice) so I know that is at least working.
The Plusnet "help desk", after the customary 20 minutes wait, told me they can't call an engineer until I'd tried another phone in the land line socket. I pointed out that I didn't actually collect phones as a hobby and don't have a spare. I could see in my minds eye, the so called adviser simply shrugging his shoulders as if to say "that's not my problem!". If he'd have thought about it, having no internet AND phone should be justification in calling an engineer.
I've now just contacted the customer options team, again after the customary 20 minute wait, and told them I'd like to leave. Makes me giggle that they want £25 for terminating a service I'm not even receiving. When I explained why I've come to this decision, I really did get the impression that they were more than happy to see me go as it would save them having to fix a problem.
Sorry Plusnet, you've obviously expanded quicker than you could cope with and have certainly lost the plot when it comes to customer satisfaction.
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Re: Plusnet customer service - Really?

Hi Chadwell,
I'm sorry to hear of your frustration - we've certainly had a very busy period recently.
The reason why we ask you to try a corded phone is actually for your benefit (although I appreciate that it didn't feel like this at the time).  A faulty handset is often the cause of a perceived fault and if the fault is in "your domain" then you are liable for the callout fee of £60 (we are actually charged double this).
It's really us trying to avoid you getting an unwanted and unnecessary bill.  If you are happy to accept this potential charge without trying a second corded handset, I'll be happy to raise the fault for you.