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Plusnet blocking me from making any outgoing calls

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Plusnet blocking me from making any outgoing calls


I have been with PN for a few years and am now on a renewed 2 year contract with anytime calls and broadband. I pay regularly by direct debit am not in arrears.

Last Tuesday the phone line would not allow me to make phone calls with the number engagedd. Spoke to advisor who claimed that there were 9 faults on the line. I was being constantly cut off prior to this and had to redial numbers. I assumed it was my phone playing up. The fault was partly  fixed on the Wednesday when I was able to make 1 outgoing phone call. The service then stopped. Incoming calls to my landline were restored by Sunday. Since then not able to make outgoing calls or access 1571 number. The phone line was repaired but plus net are blocking my line as I can only make 0800 outgoing phone calls.

In the meantime I find in my inbox a nasty message from plusnet that I have over exceeded 1000 minute limit on my package. They accuse me of running a business etc charging for extra costs. This was sent after the technical fault was reported. The advisor I spoke to did not mention anything about this. I am meant to be on an anytime unlimited package but when sold this deal no sales person mentioned there being a 1000 minutes limit on calls. I had to make the extra redials because I kept on being cut off. This turned out to be a fault on the line. I am paying for a service which I am not getting at the moment and I want my landline connection to be restored asap. No one told me about the 1000 min limit. They could have warned me before cutting me off. This is not the way to treat customers. Is there a complaints dept I can deal with? I am in limbo without a fully working landline. Very disappointed with the way they have gone about this. If they had discussed this with me I would have explained about the cut offs that were happening. Bad customer service .I want the service reinstated asap. I am paying for it.

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Re: Plusnet blocking me from making any outgoing calls


A warm welcome to the forums.

All telephone services are subject to a fair usage policy as notified in the T&Cs and price plans available at the time of sign up - see Call Plans here Plusnet price guides for residential products | Help| Plusnet 


What might have been an issue for you, is that your telephone line fault might have given rise to "ghost" telephone calls.  Damp joints can give rise to simulated pulse dialling.  We have seen this from time to time with calls to telephone numbers consisting of entirely low digits.  Check your telephone bill, charges and uncharged calls for odd numbers, specifically those you know you have not dialled.

Then discuss phantom calls, arising out of the known line fault with support.


Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.