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Plusnet - What did i do to deserve being treated this way?!

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Plusnet - What did i do to deserve being treated this way?!

Well.... I've completely lost faith with this company.


To start off, i love(d) Plusnet. I got it set up at my mothers house, it was smooth and easy there. So i decided to set it up at my house to get away from (what i thought was dreadful) Virgin Media (should i go back? Probably!) . This is where it started. Our installation date got pushed back 3-4 times. Each time i wasn't told a date until i chased up why it was installed on the date i was given. After it was FINALLY installed. Everything was good.


I then decided to upload to Fibre Extra because i needed more upload speed to video stream my artwork for a client. A one off thing that wasn't gonna happen ever again. I set up the Fibre Extra on a Tuesday and i got an email the next day that my order was "Complete" and i should expect my speeds of 80/20. I checked my speeds and they actually got lower than before i upgraded. I thought this was a bit off so i went on the webchat. I was told that i had to wait until the Monday for it to get done. I was annoyed since i set up the date with my client for that weekend to show the artwork as i cant stream decent quality with my upload speeds of 1mb at the moment. Unavoidable, i had to just get on with it and tell the client. They understood thankfully and we set it up for next this weekend. Monday rolled around, still no upgrade, i left it until Wednesday, and still no upgrade, i went on the web chat again and was told it wouldn't be done until the Friday 8th now. I was really annoyed by this but they offered me 3 free months as an apology. I was fine with that. At least i can still stream my artwork for the client over the weekend (OR SO I THOUGHT...). So Friday rolled around (yesterday) and a "Question" got put on my account saying that it will not be done until Monday... It got pushed back AGAIN. And the reason for it.... (get ready for this...) None of the people i talked to over that week on the chat had actually pushed my speeds through. They pushed my order through, but not the speeds. So naturally annoyed because i had to tell the client that i can't show him the art work AGAIN and i had to apply a 20% discount to the work as an inconvenience fee. They were quite annoyed (as was i obviously...). So i went on chat. And i admit, i was annoyed but i warned the person i talked to that i'm annoyed at the situation, not them. They claimed to me that it should be done within "1 working day" (funnily enough, i was told earlier in the week by someone on chat that they "never" give 1 working day time scales, so professional) and since it was Saturday, it wouldn't count until Monday.


I said that this is REALLY unprofessional to keep pushing back the dates... AGAIN. And the person on the chat was so rude. I asked to speak to the manager since talking to customer service wasn't getting me anywhere clearly as i get told different things by them. They wouldn't put me through but they said they will offer me £10 off for the inconvenience. I stated that didn't even cover half the cost i had to discount my client for this error of theirs. And the person actually said "I believe that £10 off is MORE than sufficient for 3 days delay".... IT HAS NOT BEEN 3 DAYS?!


Am i on some "Punk'd" TV show? I feel like i'm being filmed and they are trying to see when i will break. I asked to be put to the leaving department and the person just kept saying that "I believe that £10 off is MORE than sufficient for 3 days delay".... Absolutely disgusting and rude response. I didn't swear, i was reasonable, as reasonable as i could be whilst trying to bottle my stress. As i was passed through.... Our router just decided to restart itself conveniently. I'm not saying it was them that did it since i don't think that is possible their end but it was really ironic timing! 


Where do i stand with this? Obviously i'm just going to have to wait until Monday to get my internet sorted (now that i've calmed down a little, i won't be leaving since it was such a hassle last time, unless there are still issues)


I just wanted to talk to a manager and them to explain to me what on earth actually happened and for them to confirm that i have been pretty mistreated. 

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet - What did i do to deserve being treated this way?!

Hi there,


Apologies first of all, it's a really disappointing read.


I'd like to link to your account so I can pick up the pieces and pass on some feedback for you. Can you send me a PM with the username please?

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 Adam Walker
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