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Plusnet Quality of Service

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Plusnet Quality of Service

I was fascinated to come across this where I learnt that the average time for Plusnet to answer a Customer Service telephone call is 317 seconds, or 5 minutes 17 seconds

This seems incompatible with reports I read here of people hanging on the phone for an hour so I have done a few sums. If these are correct, for every person who has to wait for an hour, 95 only has to wait for 5 minutes. However if 467 callers can get through in one minute then it still works out OK if only one has to wait an hour.

I know that this is a massive over simplification and maybe it's just me being a cynical old s*d with nothing better to do, but I keep thinking of a quote from Winston Churchill,

"I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself"


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Re: Plusnet Quality of Service

My last wait was so long the home phone handset's battery ran out! I also waited 35 minutes, was then transferred to another department but got cut off before I could speak to anyone! If I wasn't retired I just wouldn't have the time to make these calls.