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Plusnet Help&Support Service is Tops

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Plusnet Help&Support Service is Tops

My hobby, as a retired IT/Network professional, is helping people in my locality with their computer and broadband issues; I have around 100 'customers', many of whom were suffering from very poor broadband performance. Many of the issues were caused by problems within the premises - poor wiring arrangements, unfiltered Sky boxes, poor/faulty routers etc......but quite a number of problems have been external to the properties.
In taking up their issues with their ISP, I've encountered a  range of ISPs - Tiscali/TalkTalk, Plusnet, BT, Post Office, AOL, Orange, Sky, XLN, 3Mobile all spring to mind, and I have to say that Plusnet stand head and shoulders above all the others in terms of their help and support services - I've encountered nothing as thorough/comprehensive/professional as their Reporting/Ticketing/Follow-up system. Some others have had helpful attitudes, but have no call-continuity, and each call has to reitterate the whole issue once more; others were unhelpful and dismissive, and at least one other ISP told me blatant lies and b****t  to the extreme! 
XLN however, had the speediest response - a BT engineer turned up within 90 minutes of reporting the call to XLN - amazing!!! - he was, like me, an ex-RAF chap, and gave them an external-wiring full replacement  which improved their sync rate from 180kbps to 2800kbps.
In really difficult cases, I've recommended an immediate switch to Plusnet, and have never been disappointed in the outcome - their persistence with the problem, and with getting Openreach to respond and fix is very gratefully received.
I see from the Forum that many contributors  don't have the same opinion as me, and I do sympathise with their problems, but my own findings from a huge number of calls to different ISPs is that Plusnet is a shining example of  high-quality customer support, and they will help you with any issue......just bear with their comprehensive fault-checking procedure - it may save you £££ in avoiding an unnecessary Openreach visit!
Very well-done Plusnet....please keep up the good work!
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Re: Plusnet Help&Support Service is Tops

I'd agree with your summary.
As you'd expect everyone would like perfection (ie. while it's nice to know that it's right 99% of the time, it's not much comfort when you are the 1% who aren't working), and unfortunately PN don't always get it right, and that's when cases come here, and people get annoyed.
I don't think it's symptomatic of a troublesome ISP, but if PN didn't have to deal with the cases that fall through the cracks, well then resting on laurels would occur, which isn't good.
Moaning I do here I do for one of two reasons:
1) I have a genuine problem and think this is best place to seek help.
2) I think PN could do better, and want to show them why I think that.
I've been with PN for many years, and the service is one of the reasons, after all it's one of the key differentiators within a crowded market.