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Plusnet E-Mail

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Plusnet E-Mail

For the last two weeks my Plusnet e-mail has not been working. Plusnet say they are working round the clock to fix it.

No time has been given, and it seems  the fault is Plusnet overloading its system, and is effecting many people.

I am told to set up another webmail, more hassle.

We have a 4G mast that has been set up in our village. It uses other providers, and I may well have to use one of them.

I have never encountered such a delay in fixing an IT issue such as this one. I should imagine a lot of other people will be thinking the same. Its quite appalling.

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Re: Plusnet E-Mail

There is a substantial thread about it here.

Moderator's note by Dick (Strat) Topic locked in favour of linked thread.

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