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Plusnet Dysfunction

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Plusnet Dysfunction, a month of falling line speeds and constant dropped pages (I suspect packet loss having followed the megathread) then total disconnection two weeks ago (actually two weeks tomorrow to be fair to PN), hours on the phone waiting for a PN rep, getting bounced between departments, told to wait "...a couple of days..." every couple of days for over a week, being told my 'order' was being expedited on Saturday, despite not placing any new order and then being told today that broadband provision has been ceased completely on the line and I'm now in the queue to have it re-provided but that this will be an expedited order with Openreach but that it hasn't gone through the Openreach system far enough to actually be expedited yet and still no actual date for when I'll have any kind of connection back (FTTC or otherwise).

From this personal experience and from reading that of others on this forum, Plusnet is undeniably a dysfunctional company. It cannot control its own systems and has apparently got little or no contractual leverage over its principal supplier, BT Openreach.

Following a complaint last week I got a response which was very apologetic but said -

'I am unable to waive the cancellation fees however. we are responsible for providing you the service but we are unable to guarantee a broadband service. Especially in measures beyond our control. Unfortunately due to the nature of the technology this can happen.'

This, quite simply, does not make sense. They acknowledge being responsible for providing the service but then deny that they are responsible for providing it; it cannot be both. If they are not responsible then they are acknowledging that there is effectively no contract between us, in which case there can be no cancellation fee. So even the company's response to a complaint is entirely irrational.

I addressed my complaint to the CEO but the response did not come from him. The reason for addressing it to him was in order to draw to his personal attention the fact -and I can tell from having seen dysfunctional businesses from the inside because it's my job to advise businesses that find themselves in a spot of bother - that PN is in very, very serious trouble.

I would like to be crystal clear - PN have some very good individual staff, most organisations do. But I am absolutely certain that they, along with the customers, are being let down by very poor management and systems.

It would be interesting to hear the views of others on this and how PN might sort its situation out.

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Re: Plusnet Dysfunction

At the moment PN   Do not do anyone proud Embarrassed they have even decided to stay away from these forums Crazy2

Obviously the Good Staff on the forum have been told not to post on threads like this , as it may be some  form of admission of failings .


The way forward is , Stop the TV adverts with Give away BB , and Give away the sales staff who decided its a good idea to go for Quantity , in stead of Quality .

Then Remove the top tier of managers , who obviously have no idea how to run a ISP.

Then maybe PN can start going back to what they were a few years ago !

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Re: Plusnet Dysfunction


I have just been billed for an 'engineer visit' that was meant to take place in August. For the first time ever, when I checked that morning, the home phone line was not packed with background noise. When the engineer called ahead of his visit, I foolishly told him that the line seemed fine. He said that it probably wasn't worth him coming to my home and instead carried out external line checks. I now owe £50 for 'refused access'!! Absolute cobblers!! I have today waited for 25 minutes to speak to a call centre worker whom was no help whatsoever. Bye bye plusnet, good luck with your business plan. You're going to need it.

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Re: Plusnet Dysfunction

the falling support levels, and general problems happening thru-out the company smells suspiciously of a company that is about to fold.

i've seen the tell-tale signs many times unfortunately.
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Re: Plusnet Dysfunction

I have been promised call-backs three times in succession and none have actually happened. My file shows that the resolution to my accidental disconnection was to be expedited a week ago. Today it shows the order didn't work and the resolution is to be expedited. Every time I ask about them waiving the cancellation fee they say "only if the fault can't be fixed". They give themselves an indeterminite period to fix it, however. Given long enough I'm sure that man will make it to Mars as well...


The whole organisation is clearly in a state of abject chaos.