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Plusnet Broadband Fault:Constructive Criticisms

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Plusnet Broadband Fault:Constructive Criticisms

Fault Message 32489410
Plusnet Broadband service for me has been OK since I joined , with the exception of two faults.
1.....On both occasions I lost  the full  broadband  service , therefore could not access the Internet, ....but on both occasions I was advised BY EMAIL  of the free  backup "Dial Up"  to maintain access to the Internet. (Remember  I had no connection to the Internet , hence the fault report !!)
Surely , the PlusNet Fault Receptionist  on each occasion should have  advised me of  this Dial Up telephone number VERBALLY as my Internet/Email was  not working?
It was only because I visited a relative to access my urgent  emails that I discovered  your PlusNet email with all the details of this  useful, free  temporary Dial Up the Internet
2...On this second fault ( Fault Message 32489410  ) why were there no telephone (or email ) updates (after the initial checks / tests)  of what was being done to rectify this fault.
I have still not been advised officially by PlusNet  that my BB line is now working properly again.(since 2 days ago)....but I have closed the fault  report myself.
I joined PlusNet as it was recommended as being reliable (and had a UK Call Centre) , but a little more common sense re the Dial Up details and keeping the customer updated with any fault progress details would improve your image no end.
Please accept this as constructive criticism  as I  hope this  highlighting of these  shortcomings will bring about some change in your service when dealing with customer fault reporting procedures in the future.
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Re: Plusnet Broadband Fault:Constructive Criticisms

Hi redrooster
Many thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback. It is appreciated and I'll ensure it is seen by my colleagues in the CSC.