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Plusnet Anytime International 300 - 30 Minute Time Limit

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Registered: ‎07-01-2015

Plusnet Anytime International 300 - 30 Minute Time Limit

I am on the Plusnet Anytime International 300 tariff as I have relatives abroad and make regular international calls. What really annoys me is the 30 minute time limit, after which the calls become chargeable.  Often I would like these calls to last more than 30 minutes, but I have to redial after 30 minutes to avoid being charged. This is a menace. In the days where the Anytime International tariff was unlimited, I could understand such a limitation. But now it is limited to 300 minutes per month, should I not be able to choose how to use those minutes? By the way, BT has a 1 hour limit on their international calls. That is much better. So, Plusnet, is there any chance you might see sense and change this?
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Re: Plusnet Anytime International 300 - 30 Minute Time Limit

I have been caught out by this. I rang to see why I'd been charged for an international call, and the advisor didn't know, and said they'd arrange a refund. I've now(over a week later) been informed of the 30 minute limit, so still have to pay for 28 minutes. I really think that time limit should be more prominent in the terms and conditions.Plus,all I'm going to do from now on is put the phone down at 29 minutes and redial. PlusNet don't get any money off me, and I have to put up with a broken call. Not ideal.