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PlusNet Abysmal Service

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Registered: ‎11-07-2009

PlusNet Abysmal Service

Became a customer in 2004
I have introduced a lot of business customers to PN
I have seen a steady deterioration in PN service.
Problem that arose on the 15 Dec, still not fixed, this is not being monitored by PN and each time I have to go to the back of the 72 hour queue, years ago I would have given PN 8.5/10 its now fast approaching zero.
It doesn't matter whether you respond via help assistant, which doesn't work properly, three concurrent questions and I am unable to close any, or you choose the phone, there is no system to escalate a problem or monitor it.
Its a tough market, to the gods of PN your jobs may not be around in 12 months time.
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Re: PlusNet Abysmal Service

Hi GJ,
Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your line. I've had a look through your recent tickets, but I don't see a lack of support there. Each update on your fault ticket was provided in less than a day. It seems that a low sync rate on your line were resolved once plugged into the test socket. We do not have any control on how long it takes the BT profile to increase in response to that.  Of the 3 tickets open, 2 of them were identical questions to the complaints team. Both of them were answered within 36 hours. As for escalation, we would not do that after a couple of hours of a fault being raised.
Has your speed returned to normal now, are you still in the test socket?
Jojo Smiley