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Did you mean: isn't a choice, it's the only ISP you'd want to be part of right now!

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Registered: ‎05-10-2009 isn't a choice, it's the only ISP you'd want to be part of right now!

My Review on is the best ISP in the UK, in every single way for me, I rate:
- 10/10 for Bandwidth
    (who else does truly unlimited ? without idiotic penalties?)
- 8/10 for Connection Speed
      (great connection speed to HTTP, although a con - traffic type priority system fail to make the internet 'freedom' it once was, sort that out and conquer the UK)
- 9/10 for support responsiveness and professionalism.
    ( no we don't like INDIAN call centers, we want BRITISH hard working and good payed people when we need support in your BRITISH telecoms broadband services, and that's PLUS.NET, they even call you back! , txt your phone , and email you, they're polite, professional and actually get the problem fixed in hours/days, unlike the weeks of hassle in other ISP's who you end up having to leave with a MAC Code because they can't resolve the gateway issues or something 'pretty stupid' like that)
- 10/10 for Latency
    (20ms localy, 90ms CA, 100~ms US)
Great times with, wish other ISP's would take note:
Despite popular belief or what we're told by most ISP's, previously has in fact modified the IP Profile for me to 7mbit+, when it was previously by error-automatically set to below 0.5mbit  and then called back on my house phone (ironic because that could cause stability issues *technical-sarcasm*) to request I manually reset router and it went to 7mbit+, which I was very grateful and further educated to know there is a possible solution when someone can be bothered to fix it, unlike most ISP's telling you your router is at fault, and then 'at least resort'  (BAD ADVICE) sending a BT guy round costing you hundreds which is obviously a little OVER THE TOP when you know your hardware is fine, at least your filters and router and network cables haven't suddenly fried or chewed but I guess the average Joe would believe a BT man would come over and 'repair it all' and then 'oh by coincidence it's all suddenly working'  "thank you, credit card out".
Can't wait to find my connection speed increases in the next few days so I can enjoy the full service of, right now though 6000 line speed is perfect.
On a small note, I use to use back in the old days at 2mbit, when they had introduced FUP, I left to join another ISP ( who failed to meet my requirements, they failed because THUS bought them out, THUS is a bad service overall and I'm proud to say has become a unmatchable player in the ISParms race.
Humor: where can I buy a line? my BT line is broked. =]
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Re: isn't a choice, it's the only ISP you'd want to be part of right now!

plusnet do actualy use a south affrica call centre as well but you can use the geo number if you want to make sure you get through to the sheffield call centre
Plusnet Customer Support (geographic no.) 0114-296-5198*
*May be chargeable to home phone users depending upon package
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Re: isn't a choice, it's the only ISP you'd want to be part of right now!

you can see why they win awards  keep on going plusnet Cheesy show them how its done lol