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Plus Net plusses

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Plus Net plusses

Hi all- Having read and followed (even if not totally understood) many threads on this forum as well as the router and broadband section I have seen an overwhelming number citing many assorted problems; billing, speed, disconnections, line drops and those who have waited weeks, even months to get the service that they are paying for. This is just note to redress the balance.
In August of this year I will have been a PlusNet customer for 3 years. In that time I have had a solid, dependable service.My BB costs have gradually  reduced and my bandwidth risen. Whilst it is true I am not a 'gamer' or a downloader of videos, and am reasonably close to my local exchange I do use Iplayer and stream TV, radio and music without problem.
There have been occasional blips. This winter was difficult, I think, for PlusNet, with pipe drops etc but even so I always maintained a good, working connection and through the community site or the PlusNet user group site was able stay informed and up to date of the BB status.
I have learned much through the forums where many more knowledgeable than myself helped me get the maximum possible out of my connection.In these same forums I have seen the lengths that the regulars and the PlusNet staff go to resolve problems. I have also seen the exercise of extreme patience.(by customers as well as staff and contributors).
No, they are not perfect but having also read forums linked to other ISPs they are by a long, long way from being the worst.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plus Net plusses

Thanks very much for some nice feedback and some very useful and constructive comments there.
We would be lying if we said neither have we ever suffered a problem as an ISP or that we won't in the future, what matters in our eyes is how as a company we react to them. I would like to think that we can learn something from past negative experiences and use them to remain reactive where needed.
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