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Pleased with PN service.

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Pleased with PN service.

I've been with PN for 3 years my speed when I joined were pretty abysmal 500kbps- not PNs fault down to where I live, all the readings from BT and other sites stated that was the best I could expect..... then after a year I had a problem with my speeds dropping tho' that hardly would seem possible, it took 2 months to sort but since then in the main I have averaged 4Mb. In that time I was kept informed of all work and investigation as it was on going.
I received notification yesterday of my home phone move [not sure why I didn't move before] and all has gone really well and smoothly. The only thing I need to keep my eye on is how quickly PN change my pending monthly payment to reflect the line saver I have paid this morning which went through instantly and was confirmed within 3 minutes.
So in the main I am  more than happy with PN whilst I find some of the ticket replies appear to be a standard response and not tailored to ones particular need or questions the help from the team and some members on this forum more than make up for it.
So thanks guys & gals credit where credit is due  Smiley  from one happy customer..
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Pleased with PN service.

Thanks for the positive feedback, we're glad to see that you're happy with your service.
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 Adam Walker
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