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Phone and broadband packages

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Phone and broadband packages

I've just had a very poor experience of trying to upgrade to a Plusnet fibre optic plus landline phone package. Went through online order process without problem last week, including arranging a date (tomorrow morning) for engineer to change BB system. Found out only by chance this afternoon that the appointment had been "rejected" (no-one from PN told me until I phoned). Reason for rejection not clear, but something to do with lead-in time for outside supplier. Tried to re-arrange, but now it seems PN can't cope simultaneously with re-arranging my BB upgrade and continuing my transfer of phone provider (from BT to PN). Having raised a query, PN's reply asked whether I wanted to get the BB done first and then transfer phone, or vice versa. I'm now almost  week further down the line after placing the order and no nearer knowing when I can get my fibre optic installed, let alone having the job done. It seems a very odd way to go about 'growing' the business!  Perhaps I would be better off staying with BT for my phone?
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Re: Phone and broadband packages

HI musicman46,
Sorry to hear of your experience so far. I can see from your account that an order has now been placed and an appointment made for next week for your fibre install.
Jojo Smiley