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Overcharged line rental again

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Overcharged line rental again

Just been overcharged £18.99 this month for line rental even though I purchased 12 months of it in June. My gripe is partly with the frequency of reading about overcharging (it's happened to me several times), but also with the fact that it doesn't seem like Plusnet has robust procedures for learning from customer errors and complaints of this nature.  If Plusnet had a system of regular review and learning from failure, then surely it would be able to impliment changes quicker and avoid such frequency of overcharging.  

As an example, below is the correspondance I had with customer services about this point - note how there is no apology or even acknowledgment that overcharging a customer should be a really frustrating thing and something that shouldn't happen. There is no willingness to learn from the mistake. The conversation below which happened today says it all:



Good afternoon, I'm Tim. How can I help?


Me: Querying a bill overpayment

Me: I have prepaid for 12months line rental - why am I paying it on the bill?

Tim (customer services)

just looking now for you


Me: I purchased 12 months line rental £197.88 on 5/6/19


Tim (customer services):

i have resolved that now for you and I am issuing a refund to your account for what you were overcharged


Me: I am reading lots of feedback on the forum about regular overcharging from plusnet. Is there a system where plusnet learns from these errors so they don't feature so regularly?


Tim (customer services):

there is not no sorry


Tim: (customer services)

enjoy your day and thank you for your time

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Re: Overcharged line rental again

Yes, I think that the fact that Plusnet do not seem to learn from mistakes and so the same issue recurs is possibly one of the most annoying aspects of the billing system problems.

I am presently suffering from the same LRS issue following renewal that I had at the same time last year after I renewed it then - namely the LRS payment being credited to my account with no commensurate charge being applied. Whilst the LRS has itself been renewed and no monthly line rental charge applied, I end up with no bill as the account is massively in credit. Last year it took three months for Plusnet to square things and catch up with the billing. I hope things are corrected more swiftly and permanently this time around, but I am not holding my breath. I await an update to the open ticket from the ever helpful but hard pressed CS staff.

Judging by some posts on these forums, I am not alone.


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Re: Overcharged line rental again

Thanks for getting in touch @moj001

I’m sorry to see you’ve been charged line rental following paying line rental saver and how your live chat was handled.

I can firstly confirm that we do absolutely investigate these issues to try to learn from our mistakes. The remaining underlying legacy issues with our systems which cause these types of problems for a small number of our customers is one of our highest priorities. 

However this isn’t anything that would be investigated at an adviser level, so as customer support what we’d do is correct the charging and put steps in place to prevent the same issue happening to you again moving forward, which I can see it appears we have done.

@jgb Apologies that your line rental saver payment is being used as a credit on your account. We are also continuing to investigate the cause for this and resolve the underlying issue, however this isn’t something we’d be in a position to provide updates on via a ticket, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t working behind the scenes.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. 

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