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Overcharged by Plusnet

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Overcharged by Plusnet

Angry Any Plus Net customers recently checked their telephone charges for international calls?!!!
I signed up to the Evening and Weekend plan that lets you make free calls (up to 30 minutes) including top 20 international destinations during the evening 07:00pm to 07:am and Weenends. My wife called home in Poland which is one of the top 20 and spent 30 minutes and 36 seconds. I was charged £14.03 for the 36 seconds gone over. I raised a support call well over 24 hours ago without response. Their online Customer Service Statistics boost about the average response time being 16 hours and 25 minutes with target being 4 hours. Well 24 hours gone by and noone actioned my support ticket to explain how a 36 seconds phone call would cost £14.03. Also, I wanted to know whether I have been overcharged on previous occassions over the last few months. This has only come to my attention because they sent me an email to tell me that my telephone credit is low and I need to top up. The reason it went so low because of their charge. Lets see how long it will take them to action my support ticket and what explanation they will give.
If you are a Plus Net customer and you do use the plan to call internationally, check your itemised bill.
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Re: Overcharged by Plusnet

Hi there,
I've looked at your account and for the call in question the number dialled is a mobile, which means it's not part of the inclusive minutes.
I've added some more information to your ticket for you.