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Out of pocket! Compensation?

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Out of pocket! Compensation?

This is a thread in its own right although related to another thread I’ve made, I feel it warrants its own thread as it’s now a different subject.

First we had our old account closed accidentally by you guys and a new one opened which left us without internet for a month, and then you guys messed up the connection by connecting to the wrong line so we had to wait another week after our live date (also your fault) and that resulted in me having to take a day off work to wait in for the technician losing me £80 of my wages, all because of plusnet’s incompetence. The tech explained the issue was down to you guys and not our fault at all. We also have had to pay for extra data on our phones just so we can use internet for the month that’s cost us another £40 total, as mobile data is expensive, so in total because of your mistakes we are out of pocket around £120, this is total unacceptable, we have had an absolute awful experience with plusnet up to this point and believe we should have some kind of compensation.
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Re: Out of pocket! Compensation?

You could try the Small Claims Court. If Plusnet started paying compensation for everything that they screwed up they would be very quickly bankrupt.

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Re: Out of pocket! Compensation?

If you don't get a satisfactory response here, another approach would be to make a (formal) complaint. There is a link at the bottom of each webpage that takes one though the process.

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Re: Out of pocket! Compensation?

Hi @protonbyte1,

I've responded to your post in the original thread opened regarding the issues that you've experienced with our services. Going forward we would request that you please contain all contact through the forums to one thread so that the team can keep track of your queries to provide as fast a response as possible.

Please allow me to again extend my apologies for the issues experienced and we await your response so that we can move forward with the investigation of this complaint.

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