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Order hiccup, but swift resolution

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Order hiccup, but swift resolution

Just thought I'd leave some feedback about a recent experience with the CSC.
Signed my girlfriend up to Extra last week, and was initially told that the order would complete today. Plusnet's order status had been stuck on "Checking your line", so I gave the CSC a call yesterday to find out what was going on.
It turned out that BT had completed the order, but it hadn't updated on the PN's side - this meant that the router hadn't been sent out on time. The agent was extremely friendly, professional and helpful, and got the router ordered, which will hopefully arrive today. Ideally, these sort of hiccups shouldn't happen in the first place - but it's nice to know that when they do, PN's support staff are still as helpful as ever.
I'd be interested to know what the issue was at PN's side that caused this issue - question #34862418 has the details. Additionally, if you could pass some extra thanks onto the agent in question, that'd be great! Smiley
-Paul C
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Re: Order hiccup, but swift resolution

Hi Paul,
Unfortunately it appears this was an issue with the order tracker not updating until an agent kicked it manually, that's why the router wasn't dispatched early enough. Sorry about that, we'll keep an eye out to see if this is happening regularly and raise an internal problem if it warrants one.
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 Chris Parr
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