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One month since home move requested. Appointment moved twice now...

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One month since home move requested. Appointment moved twice now...

This is getting a bit ridiculous to be honest.
If anyone can see the ticket, this is the number: 109808998.
In short:
- Requested home move on the 26th of August. Was told we had to wait until the 1st of sept as that when the old line in the new property was available.
- The same person told me that there was an appointment booked for the 15/09. Ok. 2 weeks is pretty normal for Openreach.
- Come the 15th, w/o getting sms/email or anything, no show. I check the portal, and the question had been updated with "There was an issue and it's now pushed back to the 22nd. THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW.
- Anyway, I wait again. Today is 21st... I'm need to work from home when waiting for the engineer, so nervously, I check the portal again as, again, no comms or sms or anything.
- Almost expectedly, I see "Order is now for the 28th."
This will now be a full month after I initially called (before I moved in, so you had plenty of time). Worst of all, all these delays and changes in appointment are updated in the tickets, but there's no communication whatsoever. SMS/Email, or otherwise...
I'm trying to call customer support now. Queues are horrible... I really like your service, but it's a freakin' nightmare to get this installed.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: One month since home move requested. Appointment moved twice now...

Sorry to hear of the delays you're experiencing. I'm not too sure why you're not receiving the notifications that are being sent out regarding this as the account shows that emails/sms messages have been sent.
Looking over the order history, I'm a little confused as to why you were advised of the appointment being for the 22nd, as the order seems to show that the appointment has been booked for the 28th since the 11th when that the ticket was updated. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and I'll make sure feedback is passed on to the agent that advised the incorrect appointment back on the 11th.
Looking at the order now, everything is committed for the 28th and I can't see any reason why this should change in the meantime. I hope it all goes well this time for you.
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 Harry Beesley