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Old ADSL technology v FTTH fibre

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Registered: ‎09-03-2016

Old ADSL technology v FTTH fibre

My Plusnet, ADSL reality is a d/l max 2.8 Mb (min 1.1 Mb), usually 2.5 Mb and u/l of a steady 1.0 Mb.

 Parallel, Virgin 50 Mb, FTTH service now in place.

 Over a recent 90 mins. period,  speeds have been averaged, over 4 tests.

 Download speeds:  PN = 2.6 Mb, VM = 47.5 Mb.

(Upload speeds:  PN = 1.0 Mb, VM = 3.3 Mb.)

[The PN speeds are single, wireless user, whereas VM speeds include a 2nd, Ethernet user; currently streaming Youtube videos.]

The moral of my story is that you get what you pay for.  Also, I have found Plusnet customer services to be incredibly poor (mistakenly deactivated, for a full week, on 26th Feb., it took until 7th Apr. for my upload speed to be reinstated to uncapped).

Bonus:  Since VM, 50 Mb was activated, I have found much less used cat litter in my corn flakes!