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Ofcom proposals for compensating broadband users

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Ofcom proposals for compensating broadband users

A little bit more general than feedback on PlusNet's doings but this seemed a convenient part of the forum to draw attention to proposals from Ofcom for customers to be compensated, for example, if an engineer appointment is missed. We do seem to get a fair amount of comment here about the problems of getting Openreach to meet customers' needs. At this stage this is a consultation by Ofcom, not firm proposals.

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Re: Ofcom proposals for compensating broadband users

Just saw something about this on the news.  They said engineers might take photos of themselves outside your home to prove they'd attended when you weren't in.  How do they prove they actually rang your doorbell?  It's a bit like photos being taken of your letterbox when passports, credit cards etc. are delivered; it doesn't prove the items were actually put through the letterbox.