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Not really a rant or a Rave, but - - - - - - - -

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Not really a rant or a Rave, but - - - - - - - -

Hi All
I have posted in another section of the forum but thought I would call in here as well.
I have recently become a new customer of Plusnet and I am dead chuffed. Smiley
The SJphone is set up and working ok via a temporary headset.
The information to set up the broadband phone software was easy to follow but would it also be a good idea to have a similar guide regarding setting up the hardware (phone) and the different ways it can be set up
Plugged into computer USB
Plugged into router (is this possible??)
Like I said, not a rant or rave just a bit confusing for someone like myself who has never set up or used a VOIP phone before
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Re: Not really a rant or a Rave, but - - - - - - - -

You've had replies to your other posts about this here:,73695.0.html
As PN currently don't supply hardware it would be difficult for them to place a guide.
There are plenty of people with help and experience in VoIP in the forums to help you out which ever router you choose.

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