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Not only incredibly frustrating but also getting scammed

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Not only incredibly frustrating but also getting scammed

Hi, I have had one of the worst customer experiences in my life this past weekend and I just wanted to share my frustrations and hopefully remedy the situation.


A few weeks ago I called Plusnet to cancel my account, I had been with them for close to two years but I was moving house and found a better deal that would save me some money. During the course of the call, I was quoted a cheaper price and told the moving process was simple (oh how wrong they were).


So, I was due to be reactivated at my new address this past Friday (the 16th), I called to confirm on that day and was told that everything was in order and that the service will become active by midnight. On Saturday morning I called as we were still without internet and explained the problem. At first, I was told that the automated service that turns on the line hadn't worked and had "broken" my account. When I asked what they meant by "broken" I could not be given a proper answer, just that "it happens sometimes with broadband", I told I needed to make a new account as my old account (that I had just started a new contract with) was unusable.


I was then abruptly transferred to the sales line where my details and situation had not been forwarded on so I had to go through security again and explain the situation AGAIN. It was here I had to create a new account and agree to terms on a new contract. At which point I asked that this be expedited as both myself and my partner need to be online to work from home, I was assured that we would be connected either that day or Sunday. When I told the person on the phone I didn't need another router, they assured me that it was just part of the T's and C's and I wouldn't receive one (guess what, I just got my confirmation text letting me know a router is on its way). At this point, I was transferred to accounts to give them my bank details. When I asked if this would be sorted soon I was transferred to a technical department.


I then spoke to someone, after going through security AGAIN, who asked me to plug in the router (after I had been told by someone else to keep it unplugged) and he came to the conclusion that the line wasn't working. I ALREADY KNOW THE LINE ISNT WORKING! He then transferred me again to someone who could look at the line and they eventually told me that it is a problem that only Openreach can fix and that they can't give an exact time, just Wednesday night or earlier. I spent an hour on the phone and led in circles the whole time.


So I don't know if I actually needed to create a new account or not, but I do know Plusnet is still billing me on that account, and the new one. So not only am I missing days of work, I'm being billed twice for a service I haven't even received. During this whole time, no compensation has been offered. What was meant to be a quick change over has become a nightmare that is costing me money in lost workdays.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Not only incredibly frustrating but also getting scammed

Hi there. Thank you for your message. I have sent you an email from your old account regarding the migration and billing query. Chris - Leeds

 Chris Fitzsimmons
 Plusnet Help Team