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Not happy re: reduced help times

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Not happy re: reduced help times

So I'm only allowed to have technical support problems before 10:30pm?
I use my computer mainly at the early hours of the morning and in the past have frequently been plagued with technical errors. Though some have been fixed, I constantly am aware that new problems occur all the time, especially with what I have been told by visiting engineers as "a degraded line which needs to be upgraded".
So then I hear- by passing through the website (not even directly via email/letter) that Plusnet's technical support hours are no longer 24/7.
As a direct result of this I am now going to be looking elsewhere for another broadband and phone supplier whose services are 24 hours a day. I will really miss Plusnet as they have been a very easy company to work with, but I can't really feel reassured when I know the times I'm most likely to experience problems that there will be no support available. Only when I am unable to get on a phone and sit for ages on hold- I really wish you hadn't cut the service you have until now provided. It's such a loss to have to be leaving.
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Re: Not happy re: reduced help times

I've seen your other post on the same subject and your spot on with your sentiments  Smiley
Have you noticed that they have screwed up the ticket system as well  Angry
Most people won't know that the support they have come to expect has been taken away till they need it.  Undecided
And now Plusnet have started an advertising campaign based on the support as it used to be not as it has become. Is this the basis for an "Advertising Standards" complaint?  Angry
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