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Not answering the phone and zero live chat

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Not answering the phone and zero live chat



I have been trying to get hold of plusnet for about two weeks now, as I have BT Sport but there isnt any football currently so wanted a package / payment break.

There is no way of doing this in the portal, as I have some negotiated discounts on my bill and using the automated downgrading will almost certainly remove my discounts and sign me up for an 18 month contract extension......


Anyway, i call them up and no answer for 40 minutes.

Then i try again, no answer for at least 30 minutes.

I cannot get hold of anyone on live chat because thats only for new customers. (disgrace)


They even have the bloody cheek to put plusnet mobile adverts into the hold music, its bloody insulting.

And please DONT blame covid19 for the 5h1t service....  How can an ISP not have anyone working remotely? its a complete joke....  The reality i that plusnet have been cutting jobs, no doubt, offshoring is next.....


I wont be staying around, the service is now worse than you parent company. 



RIP Plusnet.

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Re: Not answering the phone and zero live chat

@sarczoid Have you seen this?


It is in the blog post linked to in the 'Coronavirus' sticky at the top of many pages on this forum.

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Re: Not answering the phone and zero live chat

Thanks for bearing with us @sarczoid Plusnet customers can now pause their BT Sport payment for a month via this online form . As soon as things change we’ll be in touch.

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