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Not a complaint just disapointment with plusnet help

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Not a complaint just disapointment with plusnet help

At the beginning of September my Internet just completely dropped bearing in mind i had a stable connection for at least two years probably longer i was not that concerned this was on the 29th August i contacted the help desk and they said they would look into it. On the 30th i received a message to say we would get back within 24 hours i contacted help again went through checks was told it was router it had died and i need a new one and one would be sent i said hang on a minute and i would decide about a router once i had the fault checked. I then put my old router on this wouldnt work either so thought cant be router i had also rang a couple of other times and told the 48 hours or 72 hours had not lapsed so they couldnt do anything.Then after a couple of days i got Justin who couldnt have been more helpful and went through several checks the other operators had not and within an hour i was connected.Although i have had no explanation as to why my connection dropped or how it re started but i put this down to Justin. My problem is i could have been supplied a new router i didnt need and if i had got Justin in the first place i wouldnt have been without the internet when its sods law you need it the most.Just to rub a bit of salt in i was contacted today and told very politely by e mail " It's now been a week since we've had an update regarding the problem you reported with your service As we haven't heard from you we are hoping everything is now working ok."    However i notified PN that everything was working ok on the 1st September and received a reply 4 days later
"Thank you for informing us that your issue is now resolved. Please get back to us online, call us 24/7 on 0845 1400 200 or simply reply to the text we have sent if you require any further assistance.
Kind regards,
So i was not really offended by the standard of service but just very surprised as it was not what i had come to expect.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Not a complaint just disapointment with plusnet help

Thanks a lot for making us aware of this, even if you don't regard this as an issue we do as we wish to provide a consistent quality of support. I'll make sure feedback is given to the people concerned at this side.
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