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No mobile data

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No mobile data

Where do I start. I unfortunately left my previous mobile network provider to join Plusnet at the end of February. From the outset I could not access any mobile data with an accompanying error message stating "Could not activate mobile data network". Rang Plusnet who requested that I take out the SIM card for 10 mins, reinsert and restart my phone - this didn't work. Next advice was that I should update the APN settings on my phone - after telling them that my phone didn't allow this option (iPhone 6 plus with latest iOS) and after having to argue this fact, they told me it was a problem Apple needed to fix. After investigating on the Plusnet forums it became clear that Apple could not do anything about this and that access to APN is something that the network operator needs to enable. Interestingly, from the forums a lack of mobile data appears to be a common problem experienced by many. I then tried chatting online with the Plusnet support team - the attitude was evasive to the point where when I was trying to post a response the representative ended the chat abruptly and refused to give their name or that of their team manager. Faceless customer service - never a good sign. I posted a complaint in the feedback after the chat but no one in Plusnet bothered to contact me about it. I was then told I would have to use a new SIM card, adding further delay and disappointingly this didn't fix the issue either. Several frustrated calls with Plusnet later, I was told I needed to give them 3 examples of time, date, location and error message received, each separated by 2 hours - even though by now, the lack of mobile data was a consistent issue I had throughout 6 weeks (spread across southern England as I travel a lot with work). At this stage my patience ran out - 6 weeks with no mobile data is completely unacceptable.

Common theme - Plusnet fobbed me off and placed the onus on me at every stage in the process as opposed to seeking a pro-active fix. Who is the customer again? No confidence in Plusnet's ability to fix and no compensation given so I put my notice in this weekend.

I don't usually post reviews online but my particularly poor experience compelled me to do so. I for one will not ever be a Plusnet customer again and am currently drafting a complaint letter to Ofcom.

I would strongly advise anyone to think twice and do research before switching to Plusnet. I've let my friends, family and work colleagues know of what abysmal (or rather non-existent) service has been offered.
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Re: No mobile data

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