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No internet connection, no service, no response to customer complaints

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No internet connection, no service, no response to customer complaints

I've tried to send an email but you don;t accept emails so...
We have lodged at least 3 complaints and have not received any meaningful response. We have only been told that our complaints have been logged. How
is it possible to deal with a complaint without even attempting to speak to us or find out what our complaint is?
As our internet was not working we were advised by that we needed a new
router. We were told that we could only have that if we signed up for another 2 years on another contract with you. We therefore did that about a month ago.
The problem has not been solved. Our internet has not been working.
We have called several times to try to get the problems sorted. Each time
we have had to wait for over 30 minutes and sometimes up to 90 minutes to get our calls answered. We have wasted about 15 hours just waiting for our c
alls to be answered. Can you please explain why you do not have eno
ugh support staff to answer the phone calls?
We were told last Thursday (17th) that we needed an engineer to come out.
As it is only done in 5 hour time slots and we both work the earliest
e could be here for the engineer's visit was today. The engineer has been and was unable to sort the
problem. He said he was very surprised that he had been called out as it
was clearly not a problem with the phone line - and as we have a phone plugged in which works that was simple to test for.
I have now waited another 40 minutes to speak to one of your advisers. He
told me that a broadband engineer should have come out and he had no explan
ation as to why we had been sent the wrong engineer. I am told that the right one cannot now come out until next week. We cannot be here for another=
5 hour period during the day fin the next few weeks
He suggested that I should ask a friend to wait in for another 5 hour timeslot next week. Even supposing someone else has 5 hours to waste I don't think it is reasonable to suggest that I ask a favour of someone to sort
out a problem of Plusnet's making.
If you want to pay for someone to be here, we have someone who will but it will cost £12 per hour so £60 for a 5 hour time slot. Please let us know if that is how you would like us to resolve this?
Alternatively you could arrange for a broadband engineer to come out today
as we had booked (although I need to leave here at 3.15 and won't be back until 5.30) or over the weekend when we can arrange to be here. Or we can be
here any evening after 6.30 or you could give us an hour time slot when we can get out of work and be here during the day.
If not,  I would like to cancel our contract with you and be refunded the
charges we have incurred since these problems have arisen and have confirmation that we will not be further charged for any of the 2 year contract which you persuaded us to enter into and which has failed to deliver.
The lack of internet is problematic for us as we need to be able to work from home in the evenings and for our children who have to do their homework =
online. It is beyond frustrating it is hugely inconvenient.
I am also now looking at what other avenues there are for registering a complaint including Ofcom, Which etc.
Ironically one of reasons we joined Plusnet originally was the reported customer satisfaction!!
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No internet connection, no service, no response to customer complaints

This isn't great to read from my perspective, sorry for the experience that you have had so far.
We have exclusively dealt with the broadband here, so I cannot vouch for why a phone engineer was sent out. This will have been beyond Plusnet, and a decision made at BT Wholesale. It was raised as a no sync fault.
It looks like we've got an appointment booked in for Monday morning, and I don't really think that I can add anything more of value to your case. I really hope that the issue is resolved for you by Monday afternoon.
Finally, I can see that you have raised a complaint ticket, so that will be picked up by one of my colleagues in due course. I have added the URL to this thread on the ticket for visibility.
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